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Sri.Annasuyamata of Paradsinga

All the mystics of the world and all saints have declared that the immediate presence of a realized sage is one of the most potent forces in the spiritual advancement of a seeker (sadhak). Contact with them induces in us inner calm and purity, restores our sense of values, wipes out illusory allurements of the senses and turns us spiritwards with renewed vigour. Besides, when approached in the proper manner, they can enable us to realize that all saints are one in essence. That is why it is necessary for a true seeker after realization to contact several realized souls; ‘The Gurugita’ thus says, “Just as the honey-fascinated bee goes from flower to flower, so should the wisdom-fascinated person go from guru to guru”.

This is the spirit of Baba’s leela of demonstrating that he is one with all saints. That Baba approves of such an attitude is shown by the fact that whenever his devotee ardently prays for true enlightenement alone and has transcended the erroneous view that seeking the blessings of other saints is contrary to reposing faith in him, he brings him in contact with several great saints and shows that he is one with them.

Sri.Annasuyamata of Paradsinga LEELA's

R. Sarath Babu (24), P.Vijayakumar (25) and T.D.K. Murthy (27) were old students of our college and they had been regularly attending Thursday bhajans and daily satsang at my house. The three wanted to witness the Kumbha Mela in 1976 in Allahabad. On the way they wished to take darshan of the Samadhi of Hazrat Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur and see Videha Sri.Annasuyamata of Paradsinga (20 miles from Nagpur).

All the members of our group look upon all saints as forms of Baba and, before visiting any of them, pray to him to grace them with the special attention and blessings of the saint so that our faith that he is one with them might be strengthened. Accordingly, the three worshipped Baba and started for Nagpur. I wished them godspeed and assured them that Baba would go ahead of them and make all the arrangements necessary. Indeed, their experiences on the trip did bear out the truth more strikingly than we could imagine.

They first went to Dr.Anil of Nagpur, a devotee of Sai Baba who had sent them with a letter of introduction to Sri V.D. Dholey, President of the Samsthan at Paradsinga. What happened subsequently was communicated to me in a letter dt. 31-1-1977 by Dr. Anil. I quote the relevant sentences from it:

“They reached there safely and enjoyed the meals offered by Sri. V. D. Dholey. Thereafter Sri. Dholey took them along for having the holy darshan of Sati Mata (i.e. Anasuyadevi); they stayed there for about 24 hours. Shri Mata allowed them to sleep in her room in the night. On 29-1-1977 the below mentioned message had been conveyed to me from Samsthan of Paradsinga (in Marathi language) and I have been asked to convey the same to you in English.

1) Just at the very moment when they got down at Paradsinga bus stand, the elder sister of Shri Dholey saw, a circle of wide circumference, highly shining and celestial, dazzling light in the form of a globe, momentarily and that was witnessed by a few other family members too.

2) And within fifteen minutes after its disappearance these three of your disciples entered the residence of Mr. Dholey. All members of that family were aware beforehand that ‘something new’ was going to happen during the forthcoming moments. Because hitherto none of them had ever witnessed the above sort of scene or occurrence.

3) When these three were taken to the temple of Mata she was sitting on the decorated bed encircled by a group of devotees. No sooner than these three entered Shri Sati Mata murmured rather in a whimsical way, “Karate mi Ram Ram” by way of greeting.

4) Then she suddenly asked then ‘Kon desh Kay Nao?’ i.e. “Where from have you come?”

5) As these three were unable to understand Marathi language, she by herself answered, ‘Dakshinatele Lok Dev Pahayala Alet’ i.e. ‘You have been supported by Godly power; hence God has called upon and bestowed upon you this opportunity to visit (me)… These three requested her to help them in completion of their sadhana. She replied, “Bhajan Kari, Bhajan kari, Chandra Kahi Halena, Kahi Dolena” i.e., ‘You are singing bhajans; yet you are not successful i.e. your cry to reach the destination could not shake His heart’… They asked her through Shri Dholey what should be done in order to reach the destination. Shri Mata replied, ‘Hat Dharun Chalav’ i.e., ‘Walk hand in hand or strictly follow the words of guru. Then these Trimurthi ventured to ask the originality of Mata (i.e. who she is). Shri Mata replied, ‘Anasuya… Anasuya he sarva Jagat Prasiddha Ahe’; ‘Ti Anasuya Satya yugtil Anasuya Ahe’ i.e. Anasuya… Anasuya is famous all over the world. The same Anasuya of Satyayug is here’. Then she murmured that these three name their guru as ‘Master… Master… Master is God’ and with these words, with the help of her fingers she applied the saliva of her tongue on her forehead, (i.e. between her eyebrows)… Lastly these three disciples of yours had placed the photograph of Shri Sai Baba and you before her on the bed. She lifted up the same with her hands and touched mainly your photograph twice or thrice with her tongue. The same photograph was kept by her covered under the sari for the whole of the night. When she touched your photograph with tongue she pronounced ‘Rishi, Rishi……Two Rishis. One on horse’ (perhaps this refers to Shirdi Sai Baba and his horse Shyam Karna)….. She looked at both the photographs for a good length of time.

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