Thursday, January 17, 2008


SAMARTHA SADHGURU SRI KASINAYANA is a great Sadhguru of modern India He was born in Bedusupally Village, Seetharamapuram mandal, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh to Smt. Kasimma and Sri. Subba Reddy. In childhood he was inspired by the Guru Athiracha Guruvaiah Swamy and travelled Kasi to Kanyakumari. He was renovated to many ancient temples and Samadies of spiritual sould of Andhra Prades. He was introduced NIRATAANNADANAM to irrespective of Caste, Colour and Religion.
Samartha Sadhguru Sri Kasinayana life is a series of miracles. Nayana gave on indication of his devotees at Jyothi and attend Samadhi on 6th December 1995, Dattajayanthi at Jyothi Kshetram, Kadapa District.
There are hundreds of Kasi Nayana temples and Asharams all over Andhra Pradesh as well as numerous books about him. Among them is the famous biography in Telugu called `Samartha Sadhguru Sri Kasi Nayana Anugraha Jeevanam' by Sri Kasinayana Padarenuvulu.
Every year in the month of December Sri. Kasinayana devotees celebrated the Nayana Ardhana on Dattajayanthi at Jyothi Kshetram, Sri Kasinayana Mandal, Kadapa District.

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