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Bhagavaan Sri Venkaiah Swamy of Golagamudi Is one such foremost saint and Sadguru of modern India, who lived up to 24th August 1982. Devotees' experiences confirm the truth that he is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent.

Even though we have not seen Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sai Baba of Shirdi, we are fortunate enough to see Swamyji who lived up to 1982. Very tactfully he concealed his spiritual powers till the day of his Maha samadhi. He shunned the unnecessary publicity. Only after his Maha samadhi, devotees ventured to reveal their experience with one another and enjoy the thrill of it.

Devotee Experience.

I n 1975 fortunately by the grace of God I had contacted Parama Pujya Sri Acharya Bharadwaja Masterji. I used to take his darshan regularly once in a week spending twenty rupees for each trip. In spite of his persuasion for one year, I did not approach Swamiji who was available in our village, Kalichedu, thinking that he was not worth visiting. After one year Sri Bharadwaja Master forced me to test the spiritual power of Swamiji, the God on earth and be devoted to him. He also gave me certain hints for finding out the spiritual powers of Swamiji. Sri Swamy never allowed any body to touch him except the three specific servants among the twelve servants who usually serve him. He would not receive with his own hands any thing from any one.

If the servants placed tobacco on the mat he would take it. So when I went to the Swamy, I prayed to Sai baba ”You have demonstrated that you are in all saints. If Sri Venkaiah Swamy is a perfect saint like you, with in ten minutes, he should ask me to massage oil to his feet and take this little jaggary and pulses (fried Bengalgram) and eat without my asking. Two of his servants wouldalways attend on Swamy lest the visitors would touch Swamis feet. Within a few seconds both the servants went out to attend the nature call, leaving the Swamy alone. Merciful Swamy at once stretched his hand asking me ”Ayyaa! Will you give me something to eat?” My joy knew no bounds. I made a powder of the pulses and jaggary and Swamy took it from my hands and ate it. He also asked me to massage his legs with oil. I massaged not only the feet but also all his body and gave him an oil bath also.

From that day on wards I used to visit Swamiji frequently and spend all my leisure time in his august presence. In his blessed presence he used to answer my every unuttered thought and helped my budding faith in him to blossom rapidly. Whenever I requested Swamy to grace my house, Swamiji used to say, ”Not now, we shall see later”. In 1977 I have completed the thirteenth parayana of Sri Saileelamrutam on the holy Gurupurnima day. On that day, we were conducting Sri Sai Japa Yagna for twelve hours. We prayed Sainath to grace the function in the form of Sri Venkaiah Swamy. Quite surprisingly he complied with our prayers and came to my house on the Gurupurnima day. He graced my house with his sacred fire and also the house of Sri T.V. Seshagiri Rao where the Japa Yagna was being conducted. Thus Swamiji demonstrated that he was none other than Sri Sainath of Shirdi.

1. Feed the hungry (but) not the belching.
2. Whatever you desire will be fulfilled if you come here with full faith.
3. You take it for granted that Venkaiah is in all creatures.
4. Even if you leave me I will not leave you.
5. What is it that you gain from having a Darshan of the Maharaja of Mysore? You reap what you sow.
6. I will be responding as per one’s faith.
7. I will pick up my lamb even though it is in a herd of thousand.
8. Equal love for all will enable you to realize God.
9. I am responsible for the welfare of all the people who give and bring a morsel of food in my name.
10. When a devotee asked for a mantra, Swamy said, ”There is no mantra or tantra. Go ahead with Vichara” (discrimination).
11. It is nothing great if a monk sticks on to dharma. It is great if a householder sticks on to dharma.
12. We must stick on to dharma even while lending money for interest.



bhanusupriya said...

hello ankitha garu,mee blog chaalaa baagundhi.mee orkut looni baba photos ,chaalaa chaalaa baagunnayi.
i'm intersted in learning about our indian mahathma's.but,i've some doubts like
1]why should we pray GOD?
2]are these saints are all real GODS,if so how do they acquire such powers?

they may look like silly doubts for u,as i'm in the beginning stages of learning about GOD.
plz help me clarifying my doubts,as i don't know whom to ask for clearing them.

thank you very much,
om sri sai ram,
~ supriya

sivaram said...

Hai supriya mam,
Ankita didi is the right person to answer your questions......madam actually they are very very difficult questions which nobody in the world can give accurate answer...!

In my view ....

what is GOD?
God is not male or female, God is spirit has no sex or gender. God is love and God's love is for everyone. God's spirit is eternal and everlasting.God's spirit is present every time we allow ourselves to be loved.Love is not forced,but a spirit freely given. God's spirit can be seen in the diversity of human life. God did not create us to compare ourselves to others, but to celebrate the creative nature of God's spirit.God created us to see the beauty in all of life.God's spirit can be felt when we forgive and when we are forgiven.God's spirit can be found in the weak who are strong the poor who are rich.God's love follows through others and is present in sunrises,sunsets,and cool summer breezes...!

Ankita akka blog chala bagundi ....great work...!!!
supriya mam you posted nice queries....will see what ankita did i answer for us...!me too waiting for ans....:)

R said...

I am not a person who generally comments on blogs, but I felt like writing here as I too think about similar questions in my mind..
Let me try to put my understanding to your questions:

1. Why should we pray GOD?
A: It is not necessary to pray to God. God doesnt need any one to pray him, but it is us who need.
Ok, just think about what does God want from you then? How he wants you to be? Just like a parent want hir/her kids
to be successful, rich etc, God wants every one of us to be a good human being. He has given us the power to think
and discriminate good from bad; right from wrong. But often we dont implement it. We some times make mistakes knowlingly, with our full consent.
for example, can you give the same respect to a begger that you give to a guy sitting in a expensive car? And some times, we make mistakes
as we cant controle our senses. For example, can a guy resist and behave normal when sitting opposit to a beautiful girl, which could hurt his wife
who is sitting next to him? So, in my openion if you practice to be a good human being, its is more than praying. You dont have to chant mantras
hundreds of times a day, pradakshanas around a temple, fasting days together etc. Just try and make sure that you follow each and every saying
of Sri Venkaiah Swamy above. Praying is supposed to get you exactly this understanding.

2. Are these saints are all real GODS,if so how do they acquire such powers?
A. If I understand your confusion correctly, the source of it is how our Gods are potraied from puranas to present Movies & TV serials. God is visualized
as in a human-form wearing some sort of ornaments like kereetam etc with suprim powers, like they dissappair in a second etc. But always remember, God
is not viewed, but perceived, felt. It is difficult to explain, one must open up ones self to understand God. which again is not in your direct control, like,
you can say lift_my_hand and your hand raises upward but you cannot say open-up and get self reliazed!. It requires some degree of meditation, reading, seeking
sadgurus etc. ok, so coming back to your question: any one who practices to please God by living a life that is deared to God, gets closer to God. A pure mind
will have powers to command nature, just like how pativratas in puranas could command even death. Sri Venkaiah Swami and Saibaba are no different. They must
have been living like this for several incarnations and must have decided to guide us in a one life, like one in Shiridi another in Nellore etc.

bhanusupriya said...

thank you R.
ur answers r good and i hope some nice discussion will go on here

Krishna said...

Sai Baba of Shirdi was a crown jewel among Saints. He lived his entire life out in a small and obscure village in India. The villagers of Shirdi each claimed him as a member of their own religion, Muslim or Hindu, but really he came to make peace between them and he always encouraged each to stick to his own religious path. He drew devotees from all over the country though he never traveled and never cared for fame. Over and over his devotees found he knew their innermost thoughts and details of their lives. He effected cures, conferred health, happiness, and prosperity, and made childless couples conceive. His real purpose though was to awaken in them a longing for the spiritual life.

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