Friday, March 7, 2008

Sri Ramachandra Chaitanya Swamiji

His Holiness Bramhachari Sri Ramachandra Chaitanya Swamiji formarly known as Shri Pulipaka Venkata Rama Rao was born on Saturday, 17th August, 1963 at 08-30 a.m. to the pious and god fearing couple Shri P.V.V. Raghava Rao and Smt. Janaki Devi in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh.

He had his Primary Education at Guntur and his Graduation from the Andhra University 1983.
Since childhood, Shri Swamiji was inclined towards Spirituality. At the age of 19, he met His Gurudev Parama Pujya Acharya Shri Ekkirala Bharadwaja for the first time at meditation center in Rajamundry. During the year 1982 Swamiji was attending to Meditation Classes at Maharshi Institute of Creative Intelligence, Rajamundry. Shri T.D. Krishna Murthy, instructor at the Institute and disciple of Pujya Master happened to introduce Swamiji to Rev. Master on 13th October 1982 in the Meditation Hall Maharshi Institute of Creative Integelence, Rajamundry. Pujya Master was then on a tour for discourses on Shri Sai Baba at Rajamundry, Kakinada and other coastal areas nearby. In this very first meeting, he was overawed by the spiritual eminence of His Master - a self realised Saint. The very sight of Pujya Master made such an impact on Swamiji that his life appeared meaningless without His Master any longer. He was in constant touch with Master. Finally in 1985 with the permission from his parents he left his home permanently for his Gurudev’s abode. Since the Swamiji was reluctant to even visit his parents in the event of not granting written permission for staying with his Gurudev, his father had no other option except to grant him the necessary written permission. He spent his entire time in the holy company of His Master, serving Him accompanying Him on discourses, assisting Him in literary works, etc.

Gurugita says that "a true disciple is one who serves one’s Guru’s family (wife & children) with the same commitment and dedication as he serves His Guru".

After Master Shri Ekkirala Bharadwaja attained Mahasamadhi on 12th April, 1989 he continued serving the divine family of his Master with the same reverence and dedication. Immensely pleased with his services, Divine Mother once remarked that "Chaitanya is our Adopted Son".

On 6th August, 1998 Shri Saibaba of Shirdi appeared physically to Pujya Swamiji and ordered him to remain a Celebate. Accordingly, the vow of Bramhacharya (celibacy ) was given by the Divine consort of his Master, Mother Alivelu Mangatayaru and re-christened his name as "Bramhachari Sri Ramachandra Chaitanya" thus Pulipaka Venkata Rama Rao got transformed into Pujya Bramhachari Sri Ramachandra Chaitanya Swamiji.

The very Mission of Pujya Swamiji’s life is to spread His Master’s divine messages on Sri Sai Baba across the GLOBE.

With this Mission in view, Sri Master Universal Sai Trust and Acharya Bharadwaja Peace Foundation, Spiritual, Non-profitable and Service Oriented Organisations were founded by Pujya Bramhachari Sri Ramachandra Chaitanya Swamiji with the blessings of Divine Mother Alivelu Mangatayaru.


ram said...

Hai Ankith and arun,
I am in Bangalore,I would like to take darhshan of shivamma tai,
can you give me adrress of her

this is my contact no:9886280979
or mail me at:

perl57 said...

Talking about Swamiji is like Ice experiencing bath in hot water. It is only to experience, coz my experience says, Swamiji is an example of "The embodiment of perfection". Words have always failed me to even explain this beloved Samartha SadGuru.

Jai SAIMASTER ! said...

It is really nice to see the posts and I encourage you to spread the consciousness to others. We are in this world in human form by sheer divine grace and we must understand why we are given a chance, where as there are many animals or trees and other forms of life. We must rise and awake before it is too late and try to walk on the path as guided by these people. I encourage those who are reading this to pay a visit to Divyajanani Alivelu Mangamma or Pujya Sri E Dwarakanath Jnaneshwar or Swamiji to seek their blessings. Please seek their divine blessings for betterment of life and to walk on the true path.
Please also visit:

Jai SaiMaster !

bhasker said...

call me up on 9535008687
for shivamma tai temple in bommanahalli

its a beautyful Baba's Temple

bhasker said...

Hi thats true...
its an amazing Baba temple in Bommana halli
called as Shivamma Matha..

call me on 9535008687

or 9886563480

Anonymous said...

could you please let me know whereabouts of sri ramachandra chaitanya swamy ji.

charan said...

Swamiji darshanam and satsangam is at sai swami residency beside more supermarket in chikkadapally from 7pm only on saturday and sunday

charan said...

Sai "swathi " residency flat no 301

charan said...

Sai "swathi " residency flat no 301

charan said...

Swamiji darshanam and satsangam is at sai swami residency beside more supermarket in chikkadapally from 7pm only on saturday and sunday

Narasimha Rao said...

May I know, Now, swamiji is in Hyderabad or vijayawada?

Unknown said...

Is there any satsangam or darshanam
In vijayawada